The flash sales platform launched its new business on Facebook, using carousel and video ads to
build awareness and increase sales, growing revenue by 40% each month.

People Insights
Better understand attitudes and behaviors in aggregate, online and offline. See how people mark different holidays, seasons, events, and milestones on Facebook.
Monthly Spotlights
Business Intelligence facilities integrated in Halkhata can serve as functional analysis report for the Staff Managers to gather the information to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
Streamlining Administration
The organizational personnel's PO, Requisitions, Assignments can be managed by the Supervisors and Line Managers with simple effort.
Detailed Business Contacts
The integrated systems of Halkhata has the room for growing a comprehensive database for an organization's Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, and all the other Stakeholders.
The Halkhata has the facilities to provide oversight for the Supervisor and Management on the employees' activities. This facilities will significantly reduce the chance of errors & misunderstandings of the task assigned to the employees.
Agility Factors
A cloud based ERP, with great scalability, in depth customization, and fluid implementation lends a startup or small business the quality to function with optimum efficiency from beginning of their inception stage.
Downsizing Expense
This competitively priced advanced solution can be the perfect matched financially with the small to medium sized organizations and startups.
Holidays & Events
See how people mark different holidays, seasons, events, and milestones on office. Also greet and cheer employees and clients on time to time basis without any major hick ups.

RFID Fingerprint time and Attendance Device - is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for time attendance and access control applications integrated with halkhata. Now the management will be able to integrate this data directly in the monthly payslip.

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